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Issue Troubleshooting Guide
Keys Not Working
Follow the instructions for accessing the on-screen keyboard: 
Submit a tech support request. Please indicate that you are using the on-screen keyboard in the description box.
Trouble Viewing Websites
Log in to the Zscaler:
Visiting www.msn.com will prompt the zscaler log in, if students are not signed in.
Username = firstname.lastname@stokes.k12.nc.us  (NOT - @student.stokes.k12.nc.us, as students would to login to their Google account.) 
Password = should be set to the same password as Google account. example: Stokes#### (lunch number digits)
See district website for a reminder, if in doubt.


*If signing in does not resolve the issue (or if you are already signed in), please see the video for downloading zscaler certificates below.


Trouble Viewing Videos
First, follow the steps above to ensure you are logged in to the zscaler.
Log in to YouTube:
1. Visit www.youtube.com (or click the youtube launcher in chrome apps)
2. Click "Sign In"
3. Enter the following credentials:
Password = Stokes + lunch number (ex: Stokes####)
*Please note that students will need to be logged in to YouTube even when viewing videos linked within other programs/platforms (such as Khan Academy, edpuzzle, etc.)
Chromebook Will Not Turn On
1. Press and hold the buttons in the picture below (refresh and power) simultaneously for 10 seconds, then release.
2. Press the power button for 3 seconds to power on. If this does not work, submit a tech support request.
Sound Not Working
Shut down the computer and power back on. Check the sound. If it still does not work, submit a tech support request.
Not Connecting to Active WiFi
Shut down the computer and power back on. Sign in and check the wifi connection. If it still does not work, submit a tech support request.
Manual Import for Zscaler Certificate
*Please note that you do not need to do this on personal devices. The certificate is intended for use on devices used for school work only.*
Click Here to access the Stokes County Schools zscaler certificate page.
How-to video: