CGMS Weekly Trojan Update

Good evening Trojans and Trojan parents; this is Hector with your weekly Trojan update.  Parents, please remember no one should be dropping students off in the bus parking lot; this is a safety issue.    Please help us keep all our students safe.  Parents, please remind students to be ready to depart the car when you pull onto campus.
Now on with the rest of our announcements.  The third quarter ends on Friday, March 24.    Please make sure your child has completed all assignments by Friday.
Tomorrow, Friday, March 17, CGMS will host our St. Patrick's Day dance.  The dance will run until 5:00 pm.  Parents, please arrive at 5:00 to pick your child up.  Students, please remember the dance is only for Chestnut Grove Students.  We will have food and drinks for purchase.  Tickets are $3.
Stokes County Battle of the Books champs will be recognized on March 20 at our next school board meeting.  Congratulations on your accomplishments this year.
Please check our Athletic Website for all the latest sports information.  We hope you have a wonderful weekend and, as always...Go Trojans!!