Weekly Trojan Update!

Good evening Trojans and Trojan parents; this is Hector with your weekly Trojan update.  Wow, the year is flying by!  Monday, Progress Reports will go home.  Please ask your children for all their progress reports on Monday evening.  
Next week is Spirit Week!  Trojans, show your school spirit the week of September 26th when CGMS Football takes on Southeastern Stokes Middle Wednesday night at West Stokes High School.  Kick-off will be at 6:00.
Monday - Camo Day: Let's ensure those Warriors cannot see us preparing for our game.  Dress in your best camouflage to hide from our Cross-Town rivals.
Tuesday - Super Hero Day: Whether it is a Marvel, DC, or real-life Hero, dress as your favorite Super Hero and let us show all of our competition that week; we cannot be beat!
Wednesday - School Spirit Day: Need we say more?  Wear your Trojan colors to support your school and your team.  Then, make sure you show up Wednesday night to pack the stands and let Southeastern Stokes know whose house this is.  (Our House!!!)
Thursday - Pajama Day: After a long week of battle, all great Trojans should have a relaxing day of pajamas and sweats to relax and recover.
Friday - Favorite Team Day: We finish our spirit week with your favorite team.  Whether it is Chestnut Grove, Appalachian State, Cincinnati Reds, Carolina Panthers, or all of them ;) Wear your favorite team to bring in the weekend.
Please remember that no hats during the school day and that all spirit wear must meet the school dress code.
Here is your sports schedule for the week:
Tuesday-Soccer and Volleyball will be Home against Central Middle School; games will start at 4:15 pm.
Wednesday-Tennis will be away at Mount Airy Middle School, with the first match at 3:45.
Football will be at West Stokes High School against Southeastern Stokes Middle School.  Kick-off will be at 6:00.  Chestnut Grove will be hosting a "Pink-Out" in honor of our PE Teacher, Mrs. Julie Gammons.  Please show your support for our school and Coach Gammons!
Thursday-Tennis will be away at Gentry Middle School, with the first match at 3:45.
Friday-All Fall Athletes will participate in West Stokes High School's Home Coming Parade at 4:00 pm.  Your child's coach will have more information about this event.
Please make sure you turn in your candy money!!!
We hope you have a wonderful weekend and, as always...GO Trojans!!!