Your Weekly Trojan UpDate!!!

Good evening Trojans and Trojan parents; this is Hector with your weekly Trojan update.  We have a lot going on starting tonight!  Tonight, from 5:30-7:00, CGMS Art's programs will show off all their talents with an Arts Extravaganza.  Come out and check out our extracurriculars in action.
Monday: Boys and Girls Basketball will be home against Gentry, game time 3:45.
Wednesday: CGMS Band Cookie Dough Delivery will be here on DECEMBER 8TH at 1 pm. Students with small orders (1-4) boxes can carry them home with them. Students with more significant orders will need to come by after school to pick them up.  Any orders not picked up by Friday, December 17th, will be thrown away or given to local organizations. Please make plans to pick up the cookie dough before Friday, December 16th.
The swim team will be at the Armfield Civic & Rec Center against Gentry Middle School; the first meet will start at 6:45 pm.
Thursday: Girls and Boys basketball will be at Southeastern Stokes with a tip-off at 3:45 while Wrestling will be home against Southeastern at 4:15 and then again against South Davie Middle at 6:15 pm.
Finally, we would like to remind you Yearbooks are on sale at yearbook  We hope you have a wonderful weekend, hope to see you tonight, and as always...GO TROJANS!!!