Weekly Trojan Update

Good evening Trojans and Trojan parents; this is Hector with your weekly Trojan update.  We have a very busy sports week, so let's get started!
Monday: Football-Pilot Mount @ Chestnut Grove - game time is 4:15
Tuesday: Soccer and Volleyball will travel to Pilot Mountain - game time 4:15
Wednesday:Cross County: Will travel to Raven Knob to compete against multiple schools - start time 4:15
Tennis-Pilot Mount @ Chestnut Grove - start time 4:15
Football-Southeastern Stokes vs Chestnut Grove @ South Stokes High School - 6:00
Thursday: Soccer and Volleyball-Gentry@Chestnut Grove - game time 3:45
Have a wonderful weekend and we hope to see you out at one of our games.
And as always...Go Trojans!!!