Open House

Good morning; I was wondering if you could help publicize our Open House Information? I was not sure if there was a way to get information in the newspaper. Below is the critical information.
Chestnut Grove will host a two-day Open House event with students whose last name starts with the letter A-J coming to the open house on the 17th and students whose last name begins with K-Z coming on the 18th. The open house will start with a welcome meeting in the gym. From there, all students and parents will go to their child's Homebase.
August 17th--Open House for A-J Start time in the GYM 5:00 pm
August 18th--Open House for K-Z Start time in the GYM 5:00 pm
If you are not able to attend at your scheduled time, PLEASE come on the other day. NO STUDENT WILL BE TURNED AWAY!!!