Open House

Good evening Trojans and Trojan parents; this is Mr. Bennett with a significant announcement regarding Open House. Open House will be Tuesday and Wednesday night, 5:00-7:30. We encourage students whose last names begin with letters A-J to come on Tuesday and those whose last names are with K-Z to go on Wednesday. Do not worry; you will NOT be turned away if you cannot make it on your assigned night.
When you arrive at Chestnut Grove, we will have doors assigned for each grade level to enter. This is to try and keep our flow of traffic down as students and parents pick up student schedules. When you look at the school's front, the seventh grade will enter in the front door on the left, the 8th grade will enter in the front door on the right, and the 6th grade will enter through the bus entrance. Once students have their schedules, you may proceed to your child's classroom. We will have fee tables and bus information set up in the main gym.
There are no soccer tryouts tonight.
We hope you have a wonderful evening and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow and as always...GO TROJANS!!!
(PS Wednesday usually is less crowded.)