Weekly Trojan Update 1/7/21

Good afternoon Trojans and Trojan parents; this is Mr. Bennett with your weekly Trojan update. Yes, I am a day early. So what does that mean? Chestnut Grove will be closed tomorrow for in-person learning. Yes, that is right; all students will be home for a day of virtual learning and just maybe enough snow for, "Do you want to build a Snowman."
Ok, enough song and dance, on with what you need to know to get you through next week. Report Cards will go home on Wednesday, January 13th, for B-Day students. We are trying very hard to get report cards ready early to send A-Day's report cards home on Tuesday. We will keep you posted on social media and our website as this event unfolds.
Finally, Yearbooks and 8th-grade ads are available to purchase through the end of January. You may purchase these items at www.yearbookforever.com.
We hope you have a wonderful, safe weekend, and as always...Go Trojans.