Foothills Middle School Conference Sports Schedule

Foothills Middle School Conference 

Approved Abbreviated Sport Schedule


Early Start Option - November 4th-December 17th

  1. Cross Country - One race per week for (4) four weeks.
  2. Soccer - First play date is Nov. 17th. Play on Tuesday and Thursday. With approval, start matches early due to lack of lighting (Mount Airy has lights). No OT or PKs. Minimal or no halftime. Start the boys match immediately after the girls match.  Start Times are 3:15.  Matches with Mount Airy are 3:30.
  3. Tennis - First match is Nov. 16th.
  1. Girls Tennis - Play on Monday and Wednesday. 3:45 Start
  2. Boys Tennis - Play on Tuesday and Thursday. May have to play opposite soccer for transportation purposes.  3:45 Start

Winter Season - January 4th-February 12th

  1. Basketball
    1. (7) seven-game season everyone plays each other once.  This will be a (4) four week season.  The last play date will be a snow date.  Will play opposite sites for Boys/Girl to help with the crowds (Pilot Boys at Chestnut Grove while Pilot Girls are at Home with Chestnut Grove).  The game days will be Monday and Thursday.  Game Dates Tuesday, January 19th (post-MLK day), Thursday, January 21st, Monday, January 25th, Thursday, January 28th, Monday, February 1st, Thursday, February 4th, Monday, February 8th, and Thursday, February 11th (Snow Date).

Fall Season - February 15th-April 1st

  1. Football

We would start on February 15.  We will play (5) five weeks if Piney Grove doesn’t field a team, we would play everyone once.  If they field a team, you will miss playing one school in the schedule.  Play dates March 3rd, March 10th, March 17th (MA/CG Game and SE/PG Game), March 24th, March 31st, and April 7th (The 4 Surry County Schools play).  Game Times are 3:45

  1. Volleyball

We would play everyone one time.  Play dates Tuesday, March 2nd, Thursday, March 4th, Tuesday, March 9th, Thursday, March 11th, Tuesday, March 23rd, Thursday, March 25th, Tuesday, March 30th.  3:45 Start

  1. Swim
    1. (4) four meet season.  1st meet the week of March 8th.  
    2. Availability of the Armfield Center will determine Meet format (Tri-Matches or Dual Matches).

Spring Season - April 5th-May 14th

  1. Baseball/Softball
    1. We would play everyone once.  Baseball and Softball play opposite locations.   The last play date would be a rain date.  Play dates are Monday, April 19th, Thursday, April 22nd, Monday, April 26th, Thursday, April 29th, Monday, May 3rd, Thursday, May 6th, Monday, May 10th, and Thursday, May 13th (Rain Date).  
  2. Track
    1. We would have one match per week for (4) four weeks of April 19th-May 10th.  Wednesday to be Meet days 3:45 Start.
  3. Golf
    1. Play each of the home courses (1) one time.  (1) one match per week on Tuesday (in case of rain, we can move late week).  Courses are Mount Airy Country Club, Pilot Knob Park, Hemlock, and Cross Creek.
  4. Wrestling
    1. (7) seven-game season everyone plays each other once.  This will be a (4) four week season.  We will play on Friday afternoon and Saturday mornings.  Play Dates are Friday, April 23rd, Saturday, April 24th, Friday, April 30th, Saturday, May 1st, Friday, May 7th, Saturday, May 8th, and Friday, May 14th.

  • Gate admission will remain the same for all sports. 9th Grade and up and adults $5 and kid tickets Kindergarten through 8th Grade $2.
  • Eligibility will be based on high school guidelines.  If a kid was promoted in the spring of 2020, they are eligible in the fall of 2020.  Spring 2021 Eligibility is back to normal.

NCHSAA and Governor's orders will dictate attendance numbers and can change daily.